Painting/Sculpture Gallery

The Barconi Works (pitto - sculptures) and sculptures

  With the present written reprove and I deepen aspects of the artistic creations of Fabrizio Giorgi made recently, both regarding pitto-sculptor and sculpture.

        As regards the former, created with recycled products and not, joined by painting that does not diminish the resulted strongly sculptural, known a constant search by Giorgi towards new shores is materic, the compositions that follow researching or silent moderation or an articulated movement of plans, that painting, where color is attenuated approaching pastel shades.

therefore I emphasize of being in front of new goals and articulated by the developments, where Fabrizio does not indulge in the most "beautiful" composition, but risks and in breach of earlier schematisms, that sometimes caused him a sense of visual repetition. In these new works, his feels the need to promote the sculptural gesture, the materials used, wood and other objects reuse, renew their own dignity, no longer concealed but overwhelmingly reaffirmed.